Helpful Accent Websites

Here are some helpful websites for accents!! Right now most of them are for Irish and Scottish. I’ll add more to this whenever I come across something useful. 

Keep writing!

Scottish Sayings and Slang –

Irish, Scottish, Cockney Rhyming Slang, and other fun translators –

*Note* I use this to help set up an idea of phonetic spelling for Irish and Scottish accents, but don’t use as an exact form!

Lowland Scot Swear Words –

Celtic Deities and Mythic Figures –

*Note* Sometimes going to the culture itself is very useful.

Need A Name with Meaning? –

The Speech Accent Archive –

*Note* This is real technical and without some understanding of phonology this site can be confusing. I suggest looking up the basics on phonology first to get a general idea. For me, I took a class in college. It was actually fun! I may or may not make a post about phonology. If there is anyone interested, let me know.

Youtube! I strongly suggest searching for real speakers of the accent you want to mimic and listening to them. For Irish I used this wonderful gal Lainehh as a reffereance. Not only is listening from the source better, but can be quite intertaining (you are a very funny girl Lainehh and injoyed watching you!)  –



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